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Property information & guideline

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Direct phone: 0933534999


Housing in Vietnam:

We understand that finding a comfortable home is one of the most important things for expats. In Vietnam we tend to divide the different housing options as below:

Serviced apartments

This can be compared to living in a 4-5 star hotel. Normally high rise buildings with a receptions, a gym, restaurants and all services included. These always come with furniture.

Monthly cost: $1,200-$5,000

Normal apartments

A normal apartment is more independent than a serviced apartment and you have to organize things and pay bills by yourself. These can either be with furniture or without.

Monthly cost: $500-$1,200


Renting a Vietnamese house gives you the most space for the money but also puts a lot more responsibility in your hands. These can either be with furniture or without.

Monthly cost: $800-$3,000


The easiest to find and also the cheapest option is sharing a house. Then you have one room, often with your own bathroom but shared kitchen, if any. These can either be with furniture or without.

Monthly cost: $350-$800

*Always remember that in Vietnam the landlord always want a deposit when you sign a rental contract,  normally including  2-3 months’ rent you must pay before your move in day.

Housing agent

You need a nice and modern apartment? You want to have a house of your own? You want to live near the city center? You want a house with a swimming pool? You want to have a quiet place? Just tell us what you want and your budget, and we will find you a home where you feel comfortable.

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Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are the best choice for anyone who likes to have the 4-5 star service and still feel like home. The living cost and the rent depends on the location. Normally serviced apartment are located in the west lake area, but there are a few exceptions in City.

With serviced apartments, you will always have furniture included, it is not just some basic furniture such as couch, A/C and hot water, they provide a whole set of high quality furniture for your apartment. You will not need to buy anything, all you bring is your suitcase and you will feel like home.

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List of furniture included

1. Air conditioner system for each room in the apartment;

2. Hot water machine & bathtub;

3. Bed room: Set of bed and night table, lamps, dressing table, wardrobe, safety box;

4. Entertainment: TV and DVD player, desk;

5. Living room: sofa, couch, tea-table with tea-set, shoes case;

6. Kitchen: modern and clean, convenient kitchen system set up, go with kitchen equipment (bowl, plate, chopsticks, knife, folk, spoon etc), gas/electric cooker, dining table & chairs, kitchen board, refrigerator; you can also request for oven and micro wave.

Services – Security – Maintain system

You will get this included in your rent.

1. Daily laundry and room cleaning

2. Daily facial towel, bath towel and mat changed

3. Daily rubbish collection

4. Weekly or daily linen services

5. Electricity & water

6. ADSL wireless and wire internet connectivity

7. Cable TV

8. 24/24 hour security on duty

9. Outdoor & indoor security systems

10. Apartment maintenance

Price: $1,200 to $5,000/month/apartment

Pictures of a serviced apartment

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Rental agreement

As we mentioned, 2-3 months’ rent for deposit is normally required from the landlord. So what we do to keep your deposit safe is creating a rental agreement for you. In Vietnam it is quite common for landlords to rent out apartments while they are trying to sell it, and then when they find a buyer to simply kick the person renting the apartment out.

This rental agreement is made in 2 versions (English and Vietnamese). Our agreement does not only have very tight and clear sections about returning your deposit after you move out, but there are also conditions with following matters:

1. Rights and duties of both parties: landlord and house/apartment renter.

2. What happens after the contract end?

3. What is your right when the landlord does not support to repair housing items?

4. What will you get back after you moved out if you spend money on fixing or re paint the rental house/apartment?

5. What happens if you or the landlords wish to end the contract ahead of the decided time? (we normally use a clause where the landlord have to pay back a double deposit if he/she breaks the contract)

Vietnam visa

We will take care of your visa needs in Vietnam. We can provide visa when you arrive at the airport, simple process and we can do all online, save time for you and it is quick, only 1 to 2 working days.

• 1 month visa arrival letter: $30

• 1 month new visa: $55

• 1 month visa extension: $55

• 3 months visa arrival invitation letter: $65

• 3 months new visa: from $140 – $180

• 3 months visa extension: from $130 – $180

• 6 months visa arrival invitation letter: $110

• 1 – 3 year temporary residence card: from $230– $380 (already had work permit)

• 2 years temporary residence card without work permit required: from $1.300(have company sponsor in Hanoi city)

• 3 Years temporary residence card without work permit and no company sponsor required: from $2,500

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Paper work

Beside your visa to stay in Vietnam, a rental agreement for your home, a company license for your business, we also take care of personal paper work:

Work permit

As an employee in Vietnam, a work permit is a must for you to stay and work here. Here are some required paper work you need:

1. Work permit application form

2. Criminal record that is issued by the judicial office at the place where the expat resides in Vietnam.

3. The copy of any certificate or degree, it can be: university degree or above, professional skills certificate. If you are a craftsman, it can be the confirmation about your skill certified by your government.

4. Health check from the hospital that you belong to on a provincial level or from your own country. This health check is valid for 6 months

5. Curriculum vitae with passport photo

6. 3 copies of your newest passport photo

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And some paper work from your employer:

1. Labor contract that is still valid

2. Copy of the company license

3. Work permit application form

4. The approval from Government to use foreign labor

We will get it done within 20 working days.

Price: upon request

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Marriage paper work

To get married in Vietnam, here is what the government requires you to have:

1. Single certificates

2. Married application form issued by the Vietnamese government

3. Copy of passport and ID card which are certified by the Vietnamese government

4. Health check from Authorized Hospital or Government Department

5. Copy of family book record (for Vietnamese party) and copy of permanent or temporary resident registering certificate (for foreigner side).

We can help you to arrange married paper work and get back with you within 45 days.

Price: from $300- $800/married certificate

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Driving license

Needed conditions to exchange your current driving license into a Vietnamese driving license:

1. You have been living in Vietnam for more than 3 months

2. You have a valid international driving license or a driving license issued by your government

Option number two is to do an exam to get a Vietnamese driving license.

We can help you on exchanging your license or getting a Vietnamese driving license within 20 working days.

Price: upon request

We can also help you with other paper work that might come up while living in Vietnam, just send us a request.

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Moving service

One headache when moving is always getting your things to the new location. You might have an expensive couch/LCD-TV etc… and worry that an unprofessional worker might break it. We would like to suggest our services.

Depending on your budget, we would like to give some suggestions:

A Vietnamese relocation company

They will get your request, within 4 – 10 days, they will send some staff to come to your place and get the list of all your stuff, estimate the condition they are in and send back a quote.

Price: upon request, here is one example.

One of our clients paid 2,500,000 VND for this service to move his stuff. His apartment was 50 s.q.m, he is single and it took 15 minutes from his old place to his new place.

A professional foreign relocation company

Their services fee is a bit higher, but you will get what you pay for. They will not only move your stuff but also they will arrange it at your new place. Just send us a request, we will help you take care of it and all you need to do is to go to work and come home to your new place with all your things arranged the way you wanted it.

Price: upon request. One example: One of our clients paid 80$ for this service to move one very big, heavy and expensive couch from dist Hoan Kiem to Ba Dinh, which is 20 minutes away.

Send us a request »

Maid & Nanny

Below we introduce some professional maid and nanny options to keep your home clean & tidy, and to make sure your children are safe and happy.

Professional maid

Full time, professional from company with training, maid certificate, 8 hours per day, included cooking one meal for you.

Register fee: this fee is for maid insurance, health check etc: 250$ (for 12 months contract), 150$ (6 months contract). This is non-refundable.

Monthly pay: 300$/month (8 hours/day), 225$/month (4 hours/day) for an English speaking maid. $280/month (8 hours/day), $150/month (4 hours/day) for a non-English speaking maid

Maid as a freelancer

They don’t work full time, and can come over 2-3 times per week.

Price: from 100$- 150$ per month (depend how many hours you need them per week) and this maid can also communicate with you in English, not fluently but enough.

With this freelance maid, they will do house work, cleaning, laundry, not cooking.

Send us a request »

Professional nanny

Full time nanny, they can stay with you in case you need. They work for 8 hours per day.

Register fee: this fee is for nanny insurance, health check etc: 250$ (for 12 months contract), 150$ (6 months contract). This is non-refundable.

Monthly pay: 350$/month (8 hours/day)for an English speaking nanny.

$300/month (8 hours/day) for a non-English speaking nanny

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Step by step guide

Here is our guide to starting a business in Vietnam. Hopefully you will find it helpful, it will become better with your further questions and comments.

Step one: legal advice & investment consultancy

First of all, you will need legal advice from a law firm. They can help you to get information about:

1. Which industry should you invest in now?

2. Is there any regulation or change that might affect your business?

3. Which business areas are the Vietnamese Government encouraging foreign investors to engage in?

4. Which kind of company should you start?

  •  Vietnamese company
  •  Joint stock company
  • Wholly foreign-owned company
  • Foreign invested company
  • Joint Venture company

5. Which business that foreigners cannot own or to be part owners of in Vietnam?

6. How much is the minimum fund for your business?

7. What is the yearly tax rate? What is the rate for your business income tax?

8. Is there any special certificate for your business beside the company license?

9. How long does it takes to finish the company license?

10. Is there any requirements in the Vietnamese Law about your company owner?

11. How to transfer money from Vietnam to overseas? How much is the fee and how does it work according to Vietnamese Law?

12. Is there any investment incentive for your business?

13. How do we take care of the monthly and yearly finance reports?

14. How does Vietnamese Law work in any commercial dispute?

We can introduce you to a law firm suited to your needs. They will give you advice, clarify all of your concerns and take care of your company license. Furthermore, our law firms can help you with finance reports to show the Vietnamese Government and follow up with your business operation and always be there to advise your business.

we works with reliable and professional law firms, all you need to do is tell us what you want, what you concerns are and we will arrange a meeting.

Price: upon request

Send us a request »

Step two: company license

All information you get in step one is in order to run your business well and to ensure that you will not do anything that conflicts with Vietnamese law. This second step, the company license, is the key to run your business legally.

Depending on which type of business you are running, there is different pricing and time frames for receiving a company license in Vietnam. All our packages includes getting your tax code and company stamp as well.

Price: from $250/ company.

Step three: office space

During the time you are waiting to get your license, we will help you on finding a place to have your office. If you are a service company, an advertising company or a restaurant, you should of course consider the downtown area, but if you have different needs such as peace and quiet or lots of space, we will have different suggestions.

Price: from $22 per sq.m for office building that located near the center in Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi, from 32$ per sq.m for new office building. From $1,800 per month for a big house or villa to make an office.

The price includes security system fee, cleaner fee for office building, but does not include VAT.

If you don’t feel satisfied with the way your office looks when you move in, we will help you on finding an internal decoration company to make your office look just like you want it.

Price: upon request.

Step four: staff

We will give you an idea on salaries for your staff and introduce you to a professional head hunting service to find you some great members for your company.

Price: upon request

Step five: office equipment

Now, everything is already set up, you already have company license, an office and staff. One more important thing that you must have is office equipment.


We suggest you use the Office full package with the download speed is from 3,072 Kbps. Set- up fee is from $170 and monthly fee is from $60/month

Office stationary

We will provide you a good and professional purchaser, and every month, we will send you a stationary list, all you need to do is to send an email and we will deliver it to your door.


If your office is in an office building, then you don’t need to worry about what happens if the power is out. But in case you rent a private house to make your office, we will help you to choose a backup system that suit your needs.

Price: from $5,000 to $12,000. You can buy a used one cheaper.

Other equipment

We will give you an idea about the cost for other necessary equipment:

Office chair: from $20/ chair

Office desk: from $40/ desk

Laptop: from $450$/ laptop

Conference table: $150/table

We will help you to look and choose the best option for your office equipment.

Price: Upon request

This is just an overall look for setting up a company in Vietnam, we have a full package to set up your company with a reasonable price; professional, quick and great service. Please contactus to get started.

Send us a request »

To be comfortable in Vietnam it is important to have a well functioning home. First of all you need to find that home, then you might want to have a maid, some special home electronics etc. We provide all of this.

1. To read more about different housing options you can read our housing in Vietnam section, if you know that you want a serviced apartment you can go straight to our serviced apartment guide

2. If you want us to start looking right away, fill in the contact form

3. When you (or we) have found you a place to stay, you might need a relocation firm or a moving service, depending on where you move from and where you move to, more about that at moving service

4. And please, do make sure you have a proper rental agreement. If in need, we have one that has been tested in disputes with landlords. Our rental agreement

Send us a request »

There are more than ten (10) Districts in Hanoi capital city of Vietnam, however we would like to guide you here with some features of the most popular districts which are the favourite Expat locations in Hanoi.

1) Ba Dinh district (Vietnamese:
Ba Đình)
Ba Dinh is an urban district (quận) of Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. Ba Dinh is the political center of Vietnam. Most of the government offices and embassies are located here.

2) Cau Giay district ( Vietnamses:
Cầu Giấy)
Many urban areas are located in Cau Giay. Among them, Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh emerges as the new city's commercial center lying partly in the Southern part of the district (Trung Hoa ward). Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, the highest constructed building of Vietnam is also located in this area.

3) Dong Da district (Vietnamese:
Đống Đa)
Less Expats are living here, though it is easier to find a cheap rentals in Dong Da district.

4) Hai Ba Trung district (Vietnamese: Hai Bà Trưng)
Hai Ba Trung is the most populous district of Hanoi. Located in the southern part of the city, it is named after the two heroines in Vietnamese history: the Trưng Sisters. Some of Vietnam's largest universities are located here, including the Hanoi University of Technology, Hanoi National Economic University, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, and the Hanoi University of Pharmacy.

5) Hoan Kiem district (Vietnamese: Hoàn Kiếm)
Hoan Kiem district is the downtown and commercial centre of Hanoi. Most of the largest Vietnamese public corporations and bank headquarters are located here, but the central government offices are located in Ba Dinh district (sometimes called the French quarter).

Many of Hanoi tourist attractions are located here, including: The Old Quarter, Hanoi Opera House, National Museum of Vietnamese History, and Thang Long Water Puppets Theatre.

6) Tay Ho district (Vietnamese: Tây Hồ)
Is an urban district of Hanoi, named after the West Lake nearby. West Lake (Hồ Tây in Vietnamese) is the largest lake in the northwest center of Hanoi with a perimeter of 17 km (about 10.6 miles). It is deemed to be an oxbow lake, created from a curved part of the Red River after it had changed its course many centuries ago.

It is a popular attraction in Hanoi and has been so since the Lê-Trần Dynasties in the 11th -13th century, with many pagodas, Tran Quoc Pagoda and Trấn Quốc Thanh Niên, hotels like the Sheraton hanoi, Sofitel Plaza Hanoi, West Lake Intercontinental Hanoi, and restaurants.

West lake has become the most populous and favourite location with foreign Expats in Hanoi to locate an accommodation.

Rental Tips:

Rental Properties posted on our website are all available on the market, though it comes and goes mostly very quick, and we are not be able to post all the properties on the site. Thus, if you don`t find your ideal rental here, please kindly:

- E-mail us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Ring us for immediate assistances: 0933534999

- Or feel safe to fill in any form on our site.

Please note that we just need your contact to answer you, we will not put you on some mailing list.
We will give you an honest answer about current availability of the home you seek and we may e-mail you some MLS #s to look up that seem to match the kind of home you’re seeking. After that, it’s up to you to reply back to us.

Your plan is going to stay several years in Hanoi City or in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam and need a nice property for you and your family. HOUSEINHANOI.COM where you can find the best houses, apartments, villas or offices for rent with free of charge services from us so that you can live this experience in the best possible conditions.

We offer the residential property guide in Hanoi Capital or Ho Chi Minh City with great information directory for expatriates living in or relocating to Vietnam especially in Ha Noi City.

What do we do to help you find a right property?

Our website offers online properties, listings of houses and apartments for rent in Ha Noi. Beware, for confidentiality reasons, we don't provide all our options online, We highly recommend you to enter your criteria on the housing request.

After receiving your enquiry, we will contact you shortly to have a tour with us to see many more options. During the tour with us, you can let us know if you want to have an overview or if you want to stick with your selection.

Do the tenants have to pay us any cost?

The answer is NO. We are here to serve you with all our hearts. When you contact and make a tour with us for checking the properties. The tour is free of charge. It usually take a time before you can have the right idea about the market and choose the final house. Once you are decided, you will need to pay a booking deposit to book your option.

We will help you to prepare a contract that will be fair for you and your landlord. You can bargain with the landlord about the rate or anything. You don’t have to pay us for any charges because we have an exclusive contract with the landlord and we got commission form them already.

Living in Vietnam | Moving to Vietnam

Although it is quite possible to find fine rentals through personal research and word-of-mouth, using a property agent is by far the best way to see a variety of homes, condos and apartments with a minimum amount of hassle. Their skills at negotiating the best deal for you make their services invaluable. A Vietnamese agent will have a much better understanding of the culture and the various nuances of the local real estate market than you will. A good agent who is eager to show you places that meet your criteria can really take the hassle out of renting. Property agents are paid by the property owner when a buyer or renter is secured, so most agents will be motivated to find properties that satisfy your requirements. It is to their advantage to find you a place that you’ll like.

Landlords will usually ask for a long-term lease. A minimum lease of six months is standard, and owners will frequently ask for a one or two year lease. If you are only willing to commit to a six month stay, you narrow your choices. Your rent will likely be higher than it would be if you made a longer commitment.

Rental agreements will generally require that the first and last month’s rent are paid in advance, and will often expect a utility deposit equal to six months or one year’s worth of gas, electric and water. Since most expats choose to keep their utilities in the landlord’s name to avoid having to pay large “foreigner deposits,” this utility deposit represents a considerable out-of-pocket savings. The deposit is refunded within thirty days of vacating the property and often much sooner. The tenant customarily pays utility bills as they become due - any post office will accept payments.

When initially executing a lease, a stamp duty must be paid. This non-refundable tax is charged to the tenant based on the total price of the lease. The landlord or agent will take the signed lease to an official who registers the lease and notarizes the document. The landlord and tenant both receive notarized copies of the lease. Leases are written in plain English.

Rentals can be fully furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished. Typically, fully furnished places supply all household items including dishes and linens. They may advertise something like “all you need is your suitcase,” and this is accurate. Partially furnished places will generally have all major household furnishings, though you’ll need to provide your own household items. Unfurnished apartments may include a refrigerator, range and air-conditioning, but little else. Very few places will come with an oven – it’s an appliance that most Malaysians do not use.

The majority of rentals in Ipoh are unfurnished, though there are usually a few furnished homes and apartments available. As can be expected, fully furnished places tend to rent for more money than unfurnished places. Fortunately, Malaysian furniture tends to be very economical. It does not have to be an expensive proposition furnishing your new home. The large department stores like Jusco and Tesco, as well as many independent stores found throughout the city, carry a wide variety of furniture. There is even an Ikea in Kuala Lumpur.

A Few Tips to find accommodation in Vietnam:

There are a few tips to keep in mind when renting. If you use an agent, make sure that they are not affiliated with a specific development project. You want the agent to represent your interests, not those of the developer. Although many agents and landlords are scrupulously honest, not all of them are. Have the landlord show you proof that he or she is the actual owner of the property. Most agents will insist on this - if you aren’t using an agent, then you should be diligent, as well. Although cases of fraud are rare, they do occur.

It’s a very good idea to visit the property at night – it may be nice and quiet during the day, only to reveal an unseen karaoke bar or nightclub that will vibrate the windows out of the wall once the sun sets!

If you rent a condominium, pay special attention to security and the general maintenance of the grounds and common areas. Ask residents what their experiences have been. Are maintenance issues dealt with promptly and effectively? Does the property provide security and, if so, are the people who live there pleased with it?

If you are serious about renting a place, but think that the price is a bit high, see if you or your agent can bargain for a better price or other concessions. It may be possible to negotiate on several issues. You can ask for certain household items to be included – for instance, you may be able to get the landlord of a partially furnished place to include a television or a microwave oven. Here again, though, you’ll find that you have more bargaining power if you’re signing a lease for at least one year. Keep in mind that negotiation should be a friendly process, not an adversarial one. If a price is agreed upon, you are expected to rent the unit – never haggle successfully and then back out of the deal!

Note: Because our website is daily updated, we can not ensure that all properties posted online are available at the time of request (due to quick market change). Therefore, the best & fastest way to rent your residency and commercial properties is to contact us by email, office visit or simply giving us a call or contact direct Mr. Kien: Mobile: 0933534999

Thanks for visiting 

Lan Linh Housing Company

 Manager by: Nguyen Van Kien ( Mr.)

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Direct phone: 0933534999




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