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Our Services-Rental Housing Services

Our services

HOUSE IN HANOI is a real estate agency in Hanoi, Vietnam. We offer monthly Share Houses, Apartments and Dormitories; accommodations for foreigners at affordable rates.  Since 2005. HOUSE IN HANOI has more than 1,200 properties in over 120 locations today. All houses, apartments, villas are prepared for you to move in anytime, so you can start your life in Hanoi today!

AtHOUSE IN HANOI, we do whatever we can to support our residents, providing you with all the information you need to have a great life inHanoi, Vietnam. We offer multi-language support, so you can have peace of mind no matter where you're from!

HOUSE IN HANOI will help you to find the best accommodation and has our own maintenance team on hand to make repairs and upgrades to our buildings. If you experience any problems, please call us immediately and we'll help however we can. All maintenance team members speak English and are more than happy to assist you!

HOUSE IN HANOI office is open 7 days a week (except New Year's holidays) from 8:00AM to 6:00PM. You can come to our office to pick up useful information like maps, brochures, and fliers, or just to have a cup of coffee or tea and use the internet!

Our Rental Housing Services

Step 1: Searching All the rental properties available, then PICK UP some most suitable ones to show the Tenants until he/she prefers to rent.

Step 2: Negotiating with the Owner of Houses about the furniture and services required by the Client and provided by the Lessor, then getting the best of the best price for both parties.

Negotiating the conditions and articles in the House Contract to be done to fit both of the sides, such as: the period of Lease Contract, the term of payments, the time of payments, moving date, etc.

Step 3: Sign the Lease Contract

The Contract will be signed by both sides when all the conditions and articles in the contract are approved.

Our Commitments:

Free housing tours

Free of charge for Tenants

Providing the Lessees with Best of the Best Price for better relations and better negotiation with the Lessors.

Fast response, 24/7 hour working days, 7 days a week.

Perfect services: Detailed rental guideline, intensive customers care, services after rent etc.

Benefits for Lessees:

Saving your precious time: HOUSE IN HANOI is a professional real estate company, so we are able to assist you rent the right property rapidly.

Saving you money:

First of all, you do not have to pay us any commission when renting a home or house with us. The landlord has to do that. A question may arise by doing so, the intermediary rental is higher than the direct rental by owners, isn't it? The answer is NO, because the Landlord can get the house rented out faster and enjoy the professional property services of HOUSE IN HANOI.

Secondly, since we know the availability of properties and the market rental prices well, we can give you the better advice of the realty location - the right home or house; the right price; the better negotiation and the better services.

Benefits for Lessors: We help you with rental housing related documents for free. You do not have to pay us any commission until the Tenants rent out your properties.

Benefits for HOUSE IN HANOI.Co., Ltd: The commission is negotiated by HOUSE IN HANOI. and the Landlords.

Housing For Sales Across Hanoi

According to the current Vietnam's Law, foreigners are not allowed to buy or sell the real estate in Vietnam. If you are Vietnamese, please read Vietnamese version.

We are proud to bring you the best choice of real estate service!

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